Laura Turbay

Short Bio

Laura Turbay class of 2020 Marketing and MIS

I am a Senior at Questrom School of Business at Boston University studying Marketing and MIS. I am from Cali, Colombia and I decdied to come to BU because of its diverse environment, hands-on work, and academic challenges.

Activities and Interests

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I like reading. Mainly I like to read books about magic realism that incorporate fantastic objects that dont exist in real life but are used as commonplace within the book. I also enjoy books that are cyclical in timeline, which is that may start at the end and end at the start. I mainly enjoy reading things that force me to see the world in a different way. Here is a link a book club.
I enjoy playing soccer. My dad used to play when I was little because he grew up in Colombia where soccer is a major cultural phenomenon and I began playing as a child as well. Today we enjoy watching soccer games together. Here is a link to my favorite soccer team
Lastly I enjoy travelling and its an interest I would like to explore more of. I have traveled to parts of Europe, south, central and north america. I would love to live in Europe, specifically Madrid to get an in depth understanding of the culture and Europe in general. I would also love to visit Japan and its one of the places on my bucket list. Here is a link of travels I would like to do