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Hi, my name is Lunhao Liang(BU ID #U77109187), this is my CS585 projects showcase. You can find many interesting image and video computing application here.
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Assignment 1

In this assignment I implemented 3 funtions programming with images. Here I use one of my face image as the input image. The functions' details are listed below. 1. I create a grayscale image of my face by setting each pixel's red, blue and green color channels as (R+G+B)/3, the R G B is the value of each pixel's red, blue and green color channels in the input image. 2. I flip my face image horizontally by exchanging the value of first half pixels and the second half pixels which are symmetrical about the middle pixel of the same row. 3. I create a blurred image of my grayscale face by assigning to each pixel the average grayscale pixel value of itself and its 8 neighbors. For the boundary piexls I do not do any operation to them because the boundary logic to processing them is too complicated, the effciency is low and boundary pixels nearly have no influences on the final output image. One more thing is I run this method 20 times to make the blurring noticeable.

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Original Face Image
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Grayscale Face Image
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Flipped Grayscale Face Image
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Blurred Face Image(Run 20 times)

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