Wenqi Lu

Name: Wenqi Lu
Major: Statistics
Class Year: Class of 2020

Short Bio

I was borned in Jiangsu, China and grew up on Fuzhou, China. I have come to the U.S. for about seven years. During college life in bu, I have been studying using statistis analytics tools, related mathematics and some introductory computer science.

Activities and Interests

Image Description Ref Link
One of my favorite activities is watching Movies with my friend. My favorite movie genre are sci-fi, dectective as well as drama link to AMC Theater
I like to play tennis during the weekends. I don't play the tennis very well, but I love it very much link to BU Tennis
I am really interested in Japanese culture and scencery. I travelled to Japan by myself for several times. Every time could be my most wonderful journey link to Japanese Places of Interest