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Lingxuan Wang, Class of 2022, Major in Business

Short Bio

I come from China, and grow up in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
I study at Questrom School of Business.
I am going to concentrate in Marketing and Management Information Systems.

Activities and Interests

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Fine Art

I like Fine Art. I took this photo from the exhibition of Takashi Murakami in MFA in 2018. This work is called "Fun, fun, fun", a contemporary works by Takashi Murakami, one of the most imaginative and important artists working today, are juxtaposed with treasures from the MFA’s renowned collection of Japanese art. The exhibition reveals how Murakami’s contemporary vision is richly inflected by a dynamic conversation with the historical past, framed by a creative dialogue with the great Japanese art historian, Professor Nobuo Tsuji. Together, Murakami and Professor Tsuji have chosen the objects on view in the exhibition, including paintings and sculpture created by the artist in direct response to Japanese masterpieces from the MFA’s collection, such as Soga Shōhaku’s 35-foot-long Dragon and Clouds (1763) and Minister Kibi’s Adventures in China (12th century).
A link to MFA

Acrylic Painting

I am skillful in acrylic painting. I joined a Visual Arts class in high school. This work is called "Watermelon in Pineapple", an acrylic painting on canvas board by myself. I combined pineapple and watermelon together which isn't realistic but the gree leaves are realistic. This applies to my big concept Dream.
A link to my high school


I also like photographing. I love to use phone or camera to capture beatuies in this city. I took this photo on September 16th, 2019, when I finished my AC221 exam. I walked out and captured this beautiful nightfall.
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