Melanie Aizenman

Melanie Aizenman
Class of 2021
Major in Business
Minor in Visual Arts

Short Bio

I grew up in Costa Rica where I graduated from an American accredited high school.
Then I chose Boston University because it offered great flexibility in its curriculum,
I can pursue a career in business while staying close to my passion for the arts.

Activities and Interests

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I started snowboarding 10 years ago for about a week every year. It is the only sport I enjoy and participate in. I wait excitedly each year for winter to arrive so I can snowboard again. I can enjoy black runs, but mostly remain on blue terrain.
  • A link to Park City, Utah.
  • A link to Stowe, Vermont.
  • Photography

    Since I was a kid, I always did arts and crafts in my spare time. In middle school, I started to paint acrylics after school. For my AP Art portfolio I decided to try out Photography instead of painting, and I've enjoyed photographing since. I took CFA AR 415, to expose, develop, and print black and white film; but I also enjoy digital photography (which I plan to take during my senior year).
  • A link to CFA AR 415.
  • A link to CFA AR 515.
  • Foodie

    I am a foodie! I love going out to try new restaurants and enjoy exploring new cuisines either in Boston, Costa Rica, or in my travels. I also cook and love doing so. The picture to the left is of a classic french onion soup I made for my family.
  • A link to one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, Saltie Girl.
  • A link to my Pinterest board, which I use to pin recipes to make on my free time, Pinterest.
  • Traveling

    I love traveling, exploring new cities and cultures. I enjoy getting outside of my comfort zone to get outside the monotonous routine either in Boston or here in Costa Rica. It can be as close as Rhode Island for a day trip, or to Europe for a couple of weeks, I'm satisfied and grateful for the opportunity to explore and get to know new places. I really enjoy travelling to new beached around Costa Rica as well.
  • A link to one of my favorite beach resorts in Costa Rica, Nantipa.
  • A link to my Travel Pinterest board, Pinterest.