About Me

I am a Masters in Computer Science Student at Boston University. Some of my interests include Machine Learning, AI, Databases, and Software Engineering. I am the TA for CS105 (Databases and Data Mining). I did my undergrad in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University.
I have relevant research and teaching experience at grad school, as well as some industry experience in the form of an internship, and I am currently seeking exciting summer internships.

Contact Details

Maulik Shah
1152 Commonwealth Ave #11
Boston, MA 02134 US

+1 (857)800-2448


Boston University

Master of Computer Science Expected December 2017

K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering
(Mumbai University)

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering June 2016


BU Campus Events App

Developed an android app to act as a common platform to check and RSVP to events.
I acted as the Backup Team Leader for the Project, tasked with work scheduling, task allocation, overlook weekly meetings, etc. Backend was developed using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL database, app was built using Java on Android Studio.

PhotoShare Web Application

Developed a photoshare web app using Flask on Python and MySQL database.
Functionality included Registration, Album Creation, Uploading Photos, browsing albums and photos, comments, likes, tag search,tag recommendation based on input tags, active users, picture recommendation, etc.

Canteen Automation System (Final Year B.E Project)

Developed an android app to incorporate user management and remote ordering.
Improved canteen efficiency and sales by identifying sales patterns and performing market basket analysis to generate offers. Provided sales data visualization and forecasting to handle rush-hour efficiently.
Automated all processes involved in managing a canteen or a restaurant using software solutions by provided a dynamic inventory monitoring and restocking system.

A Comparative study of Pattern Recognition Algorithm on Sales Data (Technical Paper)

Published a paper on the topic in the International Journal of Computer Applications in the May 2016 edition.

Smart Blender

Created a smart blender using Twilio API, NodeJS and the Particle board and demoed at HackHarvard (2016).

Music Recommendation System

Implemented a music recommendation system based on genres liked by user and reviews on songs by similar users using MapReduce on Hadoop.

Website for Voter ID Registration

Developed a website for registering new voters, modifying details of existing voters, looking up polling details and conducting constituency-wise search using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and Google Maps API.

Packet Sniffer and analyzer

Aimed at sniffing the headers of all incoming data packets in a system, analyzing them for anomalies and flagging bogus packets and check for DOS attacks. Implemented a prototype using Jpcap library in Java.


  • Java
  • C++
  • C
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Web Development

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Email:   maulikjs@bu.edu

Skype: maulik_shah61