Marissa Kachadoorian

Marissa Kachadoorian, class of 2020, Biology with a specialization in Neurobiology

Short Bio

I grew up in San Diego, California less than 10 minutes away from the US-Mexico border. I am majoring in Neurobiology because I have always been interested in the mind, human behavior, and biology. After graduation, I intend to go to medical school to become a physician and one day open my own private practice :)

Activities and Interests


In 2015, when I was only a senior in high school, I entered the world of biomedical research at UCSD. Since then I have studied topics related to reproduction, neurodevelopmental disorders, and aging.


On sunny days in San Diego, I love to go on hikes up Cowles Mountain with my family and enjoy the view.

Spending Time with Family

Im my free time, my favorite thing of all time to do is to spend time with my growing family. This is a picture of my godson Cristian who was borned just a few months ago.