Michelle Xu

Michelle Xu

Class of 2022

Business Administration

Short Bio:

Hi! I'm Michelle and I was born at the the tender age of zero in the small town of Mount Laurel, New Jersey.
For 18 whole years I lived there before ending up at Boston University. Here, I study Business Administration,
concentrating in Marketing and Management Information Systems and minoring in Visual Arts.

Activities and Interests:

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Video Games

Gaming is something that I've been doing since I was a kid, so I still enjoy playing video games and watching others play. I'd like to work in the video games industry after I graduate. Some of my favorite franchises include Resident Evil, Bioshock, and Crash Bandicoot.

(PS > Xbox anyday)

I mostly play single-player games but sometimes I play with the Steam Community.

Color Guard

I started doing color guard for my high school marching band as a junior so I was a little bit late to the game, but I ended up really loving this activity so I continued with it in college. I can only spin flag and dance because I don't know how to spin rifles or sabres.
Right now I am active in the BU Athletic Bands (marching band in the fall and winter guard in the spring).

Visual Arts

Growing up, art was the thing that I was known for. It's an outlet for me to express myself. Though I have long fallen out of practice with it ever since high school, I'm trying to rediscover my love for drawing people with the free time I have now.
I used to be active in the Deviant Art community but nowadays I post my art on Instagram.