Tori Murry

Tori Murry

Class of 2021

Journalism Major

Short Bio

My name is Tori, I am 19 years old. I grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey. I am sophomore and this is my second semester here at Boston University. I am a journalism major with a focus in sociology.

Activities and Interests

Activites Description Link
Singing I used to sing in a competitive A Capella at group in high school. It was a beautiful experience. ICHSA Semifinals
Working I work as a supervisor at Agganis Arena and it is a great job because I get to watch concerts and hockey games while at work. I also get to talk with so many people! Agganis Arena
Shopping I really enjoy online shopping. UNiDAYS is a website that partners with retail companies that provide student discounts. UNiDAYS