About Me

I'm a PhD candidate at Boston University advised by Peter Chin. My research interest are in machine learning, data mining, and high performance computing.

Originally I was at the University of Minnesota where I earned a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Engineering. During my time there I did research under Vladimir Cherkassky and Bin He.

Feel free to contact me ndhuynh[at]bu[dot]edu and take a look at my CV.


A large portion of my research has been in biomedical technology, generally focusing on computational sciences or neuroscience.


  1. Steiger J, Cline C, Huynh A, Beyko A, Stephen E, He B. Effects of Short-Term Mind-Body Awareness Training on Sensorimotor Based Brain Computer Interface Control. In the 38th Annual International Conference of the IEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.
  2. Huynh A, Molina Espinosa M, Lobo Fenoglietto F, Singal A, Iaizzo P. Modeling of Swine Diaphragmatic Tissue Under Uniaxial Loading. In ASME Journal of Medical Devices, 9(3), 3-3. 2015.


Outside of my studies I'm an avid calligraphist. I've been focusing on mastering pointed tip scripts such as Spencerian and Copperplate. I also try to rock climb as much as possible, my favorite place is back at home in Minnesota at Taylor Falls.