Nga Bui (Jen)

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Nga (Jen) Bui - May 2020 - Business Administration

Short Bio

Hi, I'm from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I have been studying in the US for about 5 years since 11th grade of high school. After spending 2 years of my high school in upstate NY, I decided to apply to BU because I wanted to experience the city life of Boston as well as the superior business program offered in this prestigious college.

Activities and Interests

Activity Description Link
BU Finance and Investment Club Participated in the Senior Analyst Summer Program and conducted my own research within the Real Estate Investment Trust Industry, analyze and present a stock pitch with the club E-Board members. web page
BU BizTech Club Collaborated with other members within the Project Team in order to hold events for the Club in Greater Boston Area and also served as the Editor of the BizTech articles. web page
Career Pass Institute Served as an Ambassador within Greater Boston Area to promote for the company's program, set up events in local area and reach out to targeted group of customers when needed. Also collaborated with other core members to develop business strategy for the company as well as creating marketing content for social media approaches. web page