Nicole Hardy

Name: Nicole Hardy
Graduation Year: 2021
Major: Business Administration

Short Bio

I am a Business Major at Boston University with dual concentrations in Law and Information Systems. My current goal is to get my paralegal certification and get into law school! I was born and raised in White Plains, New York, just outside of New York City, and am moving back there to work after I graduate.

Activities and Interests

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Irish Step Dancing

Irish stepdance is a traditional style of dancing that uses rigid upper-body posture and intricate footwork to perform jigs in both competitive and social events. Growing up, my cousins were Irish dancers and I sometimes watched them perform at festivals (called feis).
Coming to college, I decided to join the Boston University team and learn to dance as well. Although I still need a lot of practice, I really love learning the dances and being able to embrace something from my heritage.
Check out Boston University's premier Irish step dancing team Step About Boston on Facebook and Instagram.


Although this isn't really a hobby, I find myself traveling somewhere at least once a year for fun. Last year, I started a wordpress for each place I go to. There's not much on there so far, but I'm trying to expand it more when I have the chance.
Check out my Travel Blog here!

Admissions Ambassador

Boston University Admissions has a student-led volunteer program that gives tours daily around campus to prospective and admitted students who are visiting BU campus. I joined in October 2018 as an Ambassador and have fun meeting the wide variety of people who come to visit.
CHeck out Boston University's Admission Ambassador Program on Instagram.s