Part 2: Programming Assignment

CS 585 HW 1

Name: Nidhi S Tiwari
BUID: U60147859
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Date: 12th September, 2018

Problem Definition:

The task asks us to read the input image and perform various manipulations on it that require working with color channels and opencv functions. We are using OpenCV to ease the operations with images. This helps us familiarise ourselves with OpenCV and ease into handling images.

Method and Implementation:

The input image of my face:

As a first foray into OpenCv, my processing algorithm reads and input image and converts it into grayscale by splitting the imput image into its blue, green and red (BGR) channels and taking an arithmetic mean of the separated channels. The output image is called "Gray_Image.jpg".

Grayscale Image
The other processing operations implemented as listed below:



Results are included withing the explanation


I would have liked to implement the Bokeh effect in OpenCV and leave this task as a future extension of this assignment.