Nikolaj Volgushev

is a graduate student in the MS/PhD track at Boston University where his research advisor is Azer Bestavros.

Nikolaj is interested in multi-party computation (especially practical deployments), distributed systems (with a focus on scalable data processing), and how the two compose.

He is also interested in many other things (parenthetical remarks, for example).

To contact him please send an email to []. A CV is available here. Don't forget to check out Nikolaj's GitHub account.



  1. Nikolaj Volgushev, Malte Schwarzkopf, Andrei Lapets, Mayank Varia, and Azer Bestavros. DEMO: Integrating MPC in Big Data Workflows. In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Vienna, Austria, October 2016. Accepted for publication. [pdf] [code]
  2. Nikolaj Volgushev, Andrei Lapets, and Azer Bestavros. Programming Support for an Integrated Multi-Party Computation and MapReduce Infrastructure. In Proceedings of HotWeb'15: IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Web Systems and Technologies, Washington, DC, November 2015. [pdf] [code]
  3. Laurent D. Michel, Alexander A. Shvartsman, and Nikolaj Volgushev. A systematic approach to analyzing voting terminal event logs. In 2014 Electronic Voting Technology Workshop/Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE14), San Diego, CA, 2014. USENIX Association. [pdf]
  4. Connecticut Electronic Poll Book System Requirement Specification, Connecticut Secretary of the State Office. [doc]

Published Fiction

Pete and the Elephant, Wall, Lot.