Nicole Maldonado

Nicole Maldonado

Class of 2020

Finance & Information Systems

Short Bio

I am half Colombian half American. I was born in Houston Texas. However, because of my dad's job we moved a lot and I ended up growing up in Mexico City.

I lived and studied there from 1st grade all the way up until graduating high school. I then had the opportunity to move back to the US and study Business at Boston University.

Activities and Interests

This activity consists of going to the movie theatre and watching a film. I try to go at least once a week and I sign up for early screenings of movies so i can get a chance to see them before they actually come out in theatres Early screenings:
Boardgames Club
This activity consists of going playing all sorts of boardgames. We meet every thursday 7-11 at GSU. You do not have to stay the whole time and you can come and go as you like. During the club we get into smaller groups between 4-6 and play a varity of games such as Betrayal At House On The Hill, Inca Gold and more. Boardgames Club:
BU Hockey
BU has an incredible hockey team and during the semester as students we get the opportunity to go to Agganis and watch all the games. There is both a women and a mens ice hockey team. The games get really competitive but I love going for the BU spirit. The pep band gets everyone excited and plays really good music and have really great chants. BU athletics: