Nopnaphat (Tay) Wongsrinoppakun

About Tay

Name: Nopnaphat (Tay) Wongsrinoppakun
Major: Business with concentration in Fiance
Class: Class of 2020

Short Bio

I am Tay. I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.
As a senior at BU, I study business with
concentration in finance with a minor in economics.

Activities and Interests

Interests/Activities Image Description
Pick Up Limes
My interest lies in Nutrition. I love reading books and watching videos about it in my free time, because it inspires me to live a healthy life styles, which is something I place a huge emphasis on. Moreover, it allows me to understand more about how my body reacts to different foods, which I found it really fascinating. What ignited my interest in Health & Wellness is the book called "How to Not Die." I also subscribe to dietitians on YouTube channel such as "Pick Up Limes" to learn more about nutrition.
Listen to Music
I listen to music all the time, whether it is during my free time or my study period. It helps lighten my mood when I am stressed. Moreover, it also helps me stay focus when I am studying. Although I have spotify, whenever I am on my laptop, I usually listen to music on YouTube, because it has greater variety and different versions of the same music. The preference of my music varies depending on my mood.
Gym Near My Home
Running is an acitivity that I love to do every day, even on a very busy day. I generally run at least 30 minutes a day, but sometimes I can get so into it that run like 50 minutes. Since the weather is not always favorable, I usually run in the gym near my home called "Sports City." However, on days that the weather is conducive, I would prefer to run outdoor at my own pace. I feel like running helps relieve stress, allows me to have a peace of mind and stay focus for the rest of the day.