Nolan Tiss

About me

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                             Nolan Tiss

                             Class of 2020

                             Finance and Information Systems

Short Bio:

My name is Nolan Tiss, im a 21 year old senior currently attending Boston University

I am originally from Long Island New York and i will be working at a financial firm after Graduation

Activities and Interest:
First Activity: Golf-I have been playing golf since i was 12 years old. I spend most of my freetime during the summer playing golf with friends and family. Local Course
Second Activity: Tennis-I have been playing tennis since i could stand, in highschool i recieved all state honors and won the county championship as well as numerous other tournaments. Tennis Conference Championship
Third Activity: Fishing-This has always been a unifier in my family, making family fihsing trips and spending my summers growing up on the water. Fishing in Montauk