Victoria Phang

This is Me!
Victoria Phang

Class of 2022

Business Administration, Accounting and Management Information Systems

Short Bio

Hi, my name is Victoria! Thanks for checking out my page. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY but have since moved to Queens, NY. At Boston University, I am studying Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting and Management Information Systems, but like most college students, that's probably subject to change. In my free time, I work at a startup company called JobGet as a Brand Ambassador - assigned to roles such as growing brand awareness and partnering them with opportunities to gain exposure on campus. In addition, I am a member of AmeriCorps! I teach 3-5 year old children, twice a week, typically in underserved communities. Aside from work, I have interests in basketball, religion and photography. To grow those passions, I am the secretary of Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK) on campus, and a part of an intramural women's basketball team too. In my free time, I create videos and take pictures when hanging out with my friends. That's pretty much me in a nutshell!

Activities and Interests

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I am an incoming recruit at Deloitte's NYC Audit practice for 2021. This image is from when I participated in their Luminary Symposium, and learned a lot about what they do and their focus on inclusion and diversity. This photo is with me, a friend, and Cullen Jones- a US Olympic swimmer who spoke to us on bursting past his obstacles to pursue his dreams.

As of right now, I am still actively participating in their events and look forward to joining with them this summer, as well as Summer 2021.

  • Here is a link to Deloitte's Webpage
  • JobGet

    In line with my studies in business, I signed on to work with a local startup company in Boston called JobGet in September. They assigned to tasks that typically involve stepping out of my comfort zone - talking to strangers and being excited and determined all the time. My role is to grow brand awareness, facilitate partnerships between organizations on campus and the company. As many startup companies are, I am also allowed to put on different hats in the company. This means that while my main role is to grow the company through exposure on the job finders side, I also work in teams to educate other brand ambassadors how to be successful in their role.

  • Here is a link to Jobget's webpage
  • Boston Hurricanes

    In Fall 2019, I developed an idea to start an Asian American Women's basketball team in the Boston area through an already established non-profit organization known as the Boston Hurricanes. I was named Lead Facilitator of this program, meaning I was supposed to raise awareness about this free opportunity to allow college students to play basketball in a tightknit community. This brought together students from high schools and colleges from all over Massachusetts (incuding Lowell, Newton, and Needham). It was a great opportunity for me personally to get to know the Boston area better and step outside of campus to do something that I love. In addition to being a pioneer for this program, I am also a member of the team itself. I coach others and organize games that we can all attend to play against other established teams along the Northeast region.

  • Here is a link to Boston Hurricanes' webpage