Qiaobin Fu

PhD Student
Address: Department of Computer Science, Boston University, 111 Cummington Mall Rm 138, Boston, MA 02215 USA
Email: qiaobinf@bu.edu


I am a fourth-year PhD student from Department of Computer Science at Boston University. I am a member of the Networks Research Group. My advisor is Professor John W. Byers. Currently, I'm focusing on designing algorithms and building systems in Networking. You can get my CV from here.

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Sept. 2014 - Present
Department of Computer Science
Boston University
Ph.D Student
Advisor: Prof. John W. Byers

Sept. 2011 - Jul. 2014
Institute of Computing Technology
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
M.S. in Computer Science
Advisor: Prof. Gaogang Xie
Master Thesis: Research on URL Matching Algorithms in Wireless Router and its Application

Sept. 2007 - Jun. 2011
School of Software Technology
Dalian University of Technology
B.E. in Software Engineering



CAS CS 552 (Spring 2016) - Operating Systems (Richard West)
CAS CS 591 K2 (Spring 2016) - Cloud Computing (Orran Krieger)
CAS CS 655 (Fall 2015) - Introduction to Computer Networks (Abraham Matta)
CAS CS 535 (Fall 2015) - Complexity (Leonid Levin)
CAS CS 591 O1 (Spring 2015) - Iterative Methods for Graph Algorithms and Network Analysis (Lorenzo Orecchia)
CAS CS 512 (Spring 2015) - Formal Methods for High-Assurance Computing System Design and Analysis (Assaf Kfoury)
CAS CS 565 (Fall 2014) - Data Mining (Evimaria Terzi)
CAS CS 562 (Fall 2014) - Advanced Database Applications (George Kollios)


Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Mentor. 2015 - 2017
CS 455/655 (Fall 2017) - Introduction to Computer Networks (Abraham Matta)
CAS CS 350 (Spring 2017) - Fundamentals of Computing Systems (Abbas Attarwala)
CAS CS 350 (Fall 2016) - Fundamentals of Computing Systems (Azer Bestavros)
CAS CS 350 (Spring 2016) - Fundamentals of Computing Systems (Azer Bestavros)
CAS CS 103 (Fall 2015) - Introduction to Internet Technologies and Web Programming (Susan Worst)
CAS CS 101 (Summer 2015) - Introduction to Computing (Perry Donham)
CAS CS 350 (Spring 2015) - Fundamentals of Computing Systems (Azer Bestavros)


  • 2015/2016 Teaching Excellence Award, BU CS