Qinxun Bai (白沁洵)

PhD student

Department of Computer Science, Boston University

111 Cummington Street, Room 208
Boston, MA 02215
Email: first name at bu dot edu


I am currently a fourth-year PhD student in computer science in the Image and Video Computing Group, advised by Prof. Stan Sclaroff.
I am now working on online learning for sequential data analysis (with Prof. Sclaroff and Prof. Henry Lam).
I obtained my Bachelor's degree at Tsinghua University and Master's degree at National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition.



Qinxun Bai, Henry Lam and Stan Sclaroff. "A Bayesian Framework for Online Classifier Ensemble." In Proc. of International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2014. [PDF] [Supp]


Qinxun Bai, Zheng Wu, Stan Sclaroff, Margrit Betke and Camille Monnier. "Randomized Ensemble Tracking." In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013. [PDF][Project Page]



Teaching Fellow

CS480/680 (Spring 2011)

CS235 (Fall 2013)


Old album
My hometown, Guilin, a beautiful city.

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