Raymond Ching

Raymond Ching, Class of 2020, Business Management and Administration Major

Short Bio

I grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts for all 20 years of my life.
Recently I moved to Braintree, MA about a year ago. I am studying Businees Management and Adminstration
at Boston University. My concentrations are Finance and Management Information Systems.

Activities and Interests

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Listening to Music

During my free time, I enjoy listening to music. I would typically go on to Spotify to listen to my music. I would listen different genres, anything that really catches my interest. It could range from Kpop to rap.


Another activity that I do during my free time is to play games. Mostly I would spend time playing League of Legends. I do enjoy other games as well such as NBA 2k, CoD, and Madden. However, as of lately I haven't been playing much. It might have to do with the fact that I'm becoming an adult.
BU Gaming


BUTASA stands for Boston University Taiwanese Association. The club does many activites from a spicy ramen challenge to playing games with E-Board members. I have been recently going to the activties since last year. I have met many new people in the club. Even though I am not Taiwanese, I still can go to thier events.