Ryan Christopher's Page:

My name is Ryan Christopher and I am a junior in the class of 2021 here at BU.
I am a music major with double bass being my primary instrument, and am also minoring
in computer science.

Short Bio:

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where I lived, my family and I were about 25 minutes away from the Strip,
and would visit it every now and then. I grew up always being enamored with music and having an interest in technology,
so when I went to college I wanted to try my best and merge the two. The reason I chose BU is I had always wanted to be
on the east coast while I was younger, and when the opportunity came for me to go to Boston for music I did not hesistate.

Activities and Interests:

Image Activity Link to Activity
My grandpa and I used to play tennis every weekend when I was younger, and as a result it became main "sport." I played on my highschool tennis team for two years, and realized that I was much more of a casual player than a very competitive one. My favorite player, however, is Novak Djokovic.
Here is a link to the Rolland Garros Tennis Tournament and the BU Tennis Team page.
From 6th grade on, I have always played in a music group of some sort. Whether it be an orchestra, a symphony, or a quartet, playing music is something I find very important.
Here is the link to the BU ensembles page, where you can see who is playing and when.
Video Games:
Video games have always been something that helps me relax and get together with friends. Some of my favorite games are Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Zelda, and Rocket League.
Here are links to the Rocket Leage Championship Series page, and the EVO Smash Bros Competition page.