René de Champs

Here I am showing off in front of a very small cascade in Croatia
Name: René de Champs
Class year: 3rd year
Major: Economics

Short Bio

About me, I am an exchange student coming from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) though I live in France and am french (Geneva is right on the border with France). I grew up in a small town called Prévessin-Moens at the foot of a mountain (Jura). I come from a scientific background, am currently studying economics and hope to graduate in the Statistics field.

Activities and Interests

Pictures Descriptions Links


I love skiing. Here we are in Crozet (Jura, France). We can see the Alps on the other side with the Mont Blanc as the peek in the center. Between us and the Alps is the Geneva's region (lake on the left). I live somewhere in this big land, around the place hidden by the 2 trees in the foreground.
The main page of the Jura's stations
A Video of some people skiing in the Crozet station


I also have a passion for the culinary world. I've actually worked as a cook for half a year in a restaurant called Le Physalis in my hometown. Here I am just cooking something during a trip in Croatia.
A link to the Restaurant page
A link to a page displaying A chart of seasonal fruits and vegetables as it's very important to eat seasonaly.

Montreux Jazz Festival Usher

For the past 4 years, I've been working on the Montreux Jazz Festival as an usher in the Jazz Club. This festival has a unique vibe, with some of the best musicians coming from all around the world and from such diverse horizon (the musical genre ranging from Rock to jazz, passing by rap and techno..).
In this picture, we can see the Jazz band Chick Corea performing during the 2018 edition.
The Main page of the festival
The Page to become a staff in the next edition (the first picture is actually of me and 2 of my friends, picture taken and posted without our knowledge haha)