Sachin Vasant

I am a second year Masters student with the Security group. Prior to joining BU, I graduated (integrated M.Sc.) in Theoretical Computer Science at PSG College of Technology, India. As an undergraduate I pursued research in the field of code-based cryptography at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Currently, my interests span cryptography and network security.

During my first three semesters at BU, I worked as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Security group. I worked on investigating the possibility of avoiding zone-enumeration in DNSSEC, under the guidance of Professors Sharon Goldberg and Leonid Reyzin, and collaborated with Dimitrios Papadopolous.

I am currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the course CS 108: Introduction to Applications Programming with Python taught by Prof. Aaron Stevens. The course introduces programming to students without a background in Computer Science. The aim of the course is to enable such students to build web applications through Python programming.

Publications :

Conferences :

K. Preetha Mathew, Sachin Vasant, Sridhar Venkatesan, C. Pandu Rangan: An Efficient IND-CCA2 Secure Variant of the Niederreiter Encryption Scheme in the Standard Model. ACISP 2012.
K. Preetha Mathew, Sachin Vasant, Sridhar Venkatesan, C. Pandu Rangan: A Code-Based 1-out-of-N Oblivious Transfer Based on McEliece Assumptions. ISPEC 2012.

Master's Thesis :

Understanding Zone Enumeration in DNSSEC. (based on joint work with Sharon Goldberg, Dimitrios Papadopolous and Leonid Reyzin) [PDF]