Sanjana Adari

Sanjana Class of '21 B.Sc. BA

Short Bio

My name is Sanjana Adari. I grew up in the south of India. I am a Questrom student with a concentration in Information Systems and Operations Management.

Activities and Interests

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I've been a painter for around 15 years. I like to work with multiple media, but my favorite is acrylic paint.
Some of my art.
Greek Philosophy
I've recently been studying greek philosophy and its implications on society and behaviors in todays age. I've been studying the work of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle for the most part and enjoy learning about their outlooks and introspections on the human psyche.
A crash course playlist on philosophy.
Video Games I enjoy playing video games occasionally, it's a great way to pass time and can be a fun way to spend time with others. I'm currently playing Stardew Valley which is a simple farming game that I find relaxing and enjoyable. A fun multiplayer game is the Jackbox Party Pack series which features several straightforward games that anyone can play and enjoy in a group setting. The Stardew Valley website