Sahil Merali


Class of 2021 Majoring in Business with a double concentration in Information Systems and Marketing

Short Bio

My name is Sahil Merali and I am from Los Angeles, California. I love the west coast, but the east coast is vastly different, which is why I wanted to come on out here. I have truly enjoyed my experience thus far.

Activities and Interests

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I have always loved basketball. It really is the only entertainment I consume. I have played for years and I have grown up watching the NBA since I was a child. NBA
Movies are an amazing distraction. Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, movies are a perfect escape for about 90 minutes. I believe that good movies are as important and influential as a good painting or a good poem. IMDB
Music is also another art form that I value very highly. The power of music is extrmeley inspiring and I believe it has the ability to bring many people together. Operator