Santiago M. Pericas-Geertsen
1610 Worcester Rd. Apt. 442A
Framingham, MA 01702

Short Biography
  • Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Undergraduate studies at ITBA . Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts. Graduate studies at Boston University . Degrees awarded: Master of Arts (M.A., 1999), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., 2001). Advisor: Assaf J. Kfoury . Currently working for Sun Microsystems in Burlington, MA.
  • "Type Inference for Recursive Definitions", Assaf J. Kfoury and Santiago M. Pericas-G, December 1998. Accepted to LICS '99 . Extended abstract: [ps] [pdf] . Slides: [ps] [pdf] . Technical report: [ps] [pdf] .

  • "Type Inference for Recursive Definitions", Santiago M. Pericas-G, April 1999. [ps] [pdf]

  • "Depth Subtyping and Type Inference for Object Calculi", Michele Bugliesi and Santiago M. Pericas-G, October 1999. Accepted to FOOL '00 . Extended Abstract: [ps] [pdf] . Slides: [ps] [pdf] .

  • "Type Inference for Variant Object Types", Michele Bugliesi and Santiago M. Pericas-G, April 2000. Information and Computation. A similar version is available for download: [ps] [pdf] .

  • "What are Polymorphically-Typed Ambients?", Torben Amtoft and Assaf J. Kfoury and Santiago M. Pericas-G, October 2000. Accepted to ESOP '01 . Extended Abstract: [ps] [pdf] . Technical Report: [ps] [pdf] .

  • "XML-Fluent Mobile Agents", Santiago M. Pericas-G, December 2001. Ph.D. Thesis.

  • "Orderly Communication in the Ambient Calculus", Torben Amtoft and Assaf J. Kfoury and Santiago M. Pericas-G, January 2002. Journal of Computer Languages. [ps] [pdf] .

  • The Church Project : Compiling with Flow Types.

  • Sigma : An interpreter for the Abadi and Cardelli Sigma Calculus with lambdas.

  • Java Espresso : A Java 1.0 compliant compiler developed at Boston University by Santiago M. Pericas-G. and Karl Doerig under the coordination of Prof. A.J.Kfoury.

  • XSLTC : An XSLT compiler developed at Sun Microsystems by Jacek Ambroziak and Santiago M. Pericas-G.

  • DL Interpreter : An interpreter for the DL Language.

Seminars and Courses

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