Santiago Prestamo

Santiago Prestamo, 2020, Management Information Systems

Short Bio

Born in Houston, raised in Mexico. I spent my childhood in San Pedro, a district of Monterrey; a city nestled in the foothills of a mountain range in northern Mexico. When I turned 13 my family moved to Dallas, Texas and a couple of years later to Sarasota, Florida. Now I study Management Information Systems in Boston University.

Activities and Interests

Watching Movies

I like watching movies as I'm sure most people do. I tend to lean towards horror but I'll watch anything that's entertaining, good or bad.

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Organizing Playlists

I like to spend time listening to music and organizing playlists. Pretty much any genre; it can range from loungy or funky music to electronic to metal.

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Whenever I get some down time I'll sketch whtever pops into my head.

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