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Assignment 1: Image Processing

In this assignment, students were to take an image of their face and alter the image in one or multiple ways.

Through this assignment, I learned the basics of image processing. While I was not able to do as much as I

wanted to, I was able to process the original image in three ways: horizontal flip, grayscale, and binary.

Above is the image that I used to test out different image processing methods.

The processed images above are flipped, grayscale, and binary respectively.

In order to flip the image along a vertical axis, I utilized the flip function that is part of the OpenCV library.

The flip function runs through the pixels and flips the location of hte pixels accoding to a flip code.

In order to process a grayscale image, I utilized the cvtColor function and changed the BGR image to gray.

Finally, I created a binary image by running the threshold function on the grayscale image. I set the threshold to 128.

In the future, I wish to try out harder processes that do not necessarily involve OpenCV's library functions.