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Assignment 4: Segmentation and Multi-Object Tracking

Collaborated with Lang Gao

The goal of this assignment is to design and implement algorithms that can segment and track moving objects in a video.

We are given a video of two tanks with eels and hermit crabs moving in them. The setup consists of having one side of the tank filled with AstroTurf, a habitat that they can hide in, and an open feeding area with a white bottom. The eels are dark and so stand out against this white bottom. The hermit crabs are a little more difficult to see.

Program Report

Overall, we continue to believe that object segmentation, detection, and tracking are incredibly hard concepts to follow in real-life settings. We hope that in the upcoming project and in the future that we will be able to apply more of the aspects that we have learned.

Below are the screenshots of our results:

Boundary boxes for the water tanks (with some interference) as well as motion history of eels

Segmented image of eels and crabs, left and right respectively

All work was done together with Lang Gao and through mutual research.