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I have moved to Northeastern, please visit my new website


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Few posts that I feel either useful or interesting


I watch talks from James Mickens (See here).

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python2/python3, git, matplotlib, jupyter, emacs, flask, numpy, pandas, pikatchu,
c++, latex, c, go, openstack, sdn, ryu, openflow, bash, pacman, xmonad, matlab, scikit,
osprofiler, darcs, bow (hint: NLP), opengl, postgresql, sqlite, vim, haskell, mininet

If you are a recruiter please point out which of these are pokemon before contact me.

Reach me at OCID

My public key: 6207 E93E 7380 2E29 04AF DF0B 1EC3 29C9 A374 60AD
It is also on the

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