Jethro Shuwen Sun

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

Jethro Shuwen Sun
Staff Researcher/Engineer
Hariri Institute for Computing
Boston University

3 Cummington Mall, 591
Boston, MA 02215

Summary: I research new opportunities and challenges arising from the deployment of new technologies.

Ph.D Application Materials:

I am applying for Ph.D programs in good systems groups in United States Now. Here are my application materials.


Jethro (Shuwen) recently received his master degree from Boston University, Department of Computer Science, and is now a staff researcher/engineer in Mass Open Cloud (affilicated to Hariri Institute for Computing, Boston University).

He is a coffee aficionado and is looking for a chance to change the world!

Research Interests

My area of research interests: Advanced Networking, Distributed Systems, and Performance Diagnosis.

Recent News

  • December 2017: Our work, Debugging distributed systems via Pythia, is accepted to New England Networking and Systems Day as a poster!

  • August 2017: I will be joining Boston University Hariri Institute for Computing (as a staff researcher) as a part of the MassOpenCloud. I will dedicate myself to monitoring and performance related deployment in in-production datacenter!

  • June 23 2017: Hoo-ray!!! I am awarded the NSF Travel Grant to attend SIGCOMM’17, can't wait to see my friends in LA this August!

  • June 2017: Invited research internship in Red Hat Boston campus this summer, I will work on tracing and monitoring for distributed systems.

  • May 2017: Current working paper: “NetEx: Enabling Diversity in Cloud Networks” is finished! Meanwhile, I received my M.S. degree and graduated from BU CS department!

  • March 2017: Supported by MOC, I will attend NSDI’17 in Boston!

  • October 2016: Our work, Hardware Isolation Layer, is accepted to SoCC’16!


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