Sarina Simon

Sarina Simon
Class of 2021
Math Education

Short Bio:

Hi my name is Sarina! I am a Math Education major with a Computer Science minor. I love learning. At school I have taken a variety of classes from Architecture to Abstract Algebra. Outside of school, I love learning about nature, new recipes, and even trending TikTok dances. I am a very active and outgoing person who loves meeting new people and learning something new along the way!

Activities and Interests

Sports Hiking Dance

I love all things sports. I love to play watch and coach! I started playing soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse at a young age and grew up watching football with my dad. Also there was never a day when a baseball game was not on the TV at my grandparents house. In high school I started playing field hockey and absolutely fell in love with it. It took over my life playing in the fall, coaching in the winter, and training in the summer, but I didn't want it any other way.

I love hiking in the summer. It is a fun family bonding experience and have recently made it my goal to go on 3 new trails in the New England area each year. I recently climbed Mount Mansfield and want to continue to challenge myself with mountains like that.

Along with the sports I played I managed to always find time for dance. Starting at the age of 5, music and dance have always been present. My mom was a dancer so took me to a dance school just so I could sit listen to the music and watch them dance. At 5 I started attending practices and by 7 I was performing all over the town of Brookline. 13 years later although I stopped big performances you can still see me dancing at any family memeber's wedding.

School Team: LHS FH
Coached and Played here: Wizards
Learn more about Mount Mansfield My Dance School: Triveni School of Dance
Dance Comp 2017 video