Salma Saleh

Salma Saleh
Class of 2020
Business Major

Short Bio

Hi everyone, and welcome to my page!
My name is Salma Saleh.
I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Untill I moved to Boston in 2016 to start at BU.
I am currently a Senior at Boston University, graduating in May 2020.
I am pursuing a Business Management degree in Questrom with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology.

Activities & Interests

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Photography has always been my passion. From a very young age my father and I would go and take pictures of everything around us from people to streets, to sceneries and nature. It is something that I have grown to love and has become an essential part of my life.
Cairo Saturday Walks
Leica Gallery Boston


Wakeboarding is a sport I really enjoy. Growing up I would often spend my weekends at the beach and would wakeboard with my brother. It is a very fun activity to do and something i enjoy a lot.
Sliders Cable Park
El Gouna Egypt
Sydney Ski School


Hiking is another activity I have recently gotten very interested in. During my semester abroad in Sydney last spring, I went on a hike almost every weekend. The amount of beautiful coastal walks and hikes in Australia is really fascinating.
Blue Mountains Sydney
Mount Batur Hike
Sydney Coastal Walks