<center> Saira Majid
Saira Majid

Class of 2020

Short Bio

Born and raised in The Bronx, NY, I decided to travel all the way to bean town
for university. I study istory at BU and I don't have a minor at the moment.
I'm currently looking into the Sociology and Anthropology Department at BU for
a possible minor.

Activities and Interests

Activity Description Link
Climbing I teach lessons and rockclimb at BU's Barreca Wall. BU Fit Rec Barreca Wall
Reading Though I'm not a part of any particular club I enjoy the readings for my classes
I'm currently reading Tales of Moonlight and Rain by Japanese novelist Ueda Akinari.
Tales of Moonlight and Rain
Hiking and hammocking I'm a bit involved with the BU Outing Club. I hope to hike up some new
trails before it gets too cold for me.
BU Outing Club