Suha Nawaz

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  • Name: Suha Nawaz

  • Class Year: 2020

  • Major: Business Management and Administration

Short Bio

I was born in Connecticut, but moved to Chicago when I was 2. In 2005, I moved to Dubai, UAE. I lived there untill I graduated from highschool in 2016.
I am currently a student in Questrom, studying Business Management, concentrating in finance and accounting.

Activities and Interests

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I work as a part-time analyst for a consulting company. I analyze client information, and present this to the team I am apart of.
A link to Spinnaker Analytics can be found here.

Questrom Peer Advisor

I work with incoming freshmen in Questrom and help them integrate into college life. Some of my responsibilities include helping people plan their schedules and introducing freshman to clubs
A link to the UDC peer advisor page can be found here.


I work as a volunteer at The Greater Boston Food Bank. I help raise money so the food bank can by healthy foods for those who need it.
A link to the Greater Boston Food Bank can be found here.