Can intelligence be learned? At LISP, Prof. Chin and a collection of budding (master's and PhD) computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians are passionate about exploring, disseminating, and innovating research in machine learning, intelligent decision making systems, and signal processing in order to answer this question.


Fall 2016 591 Deep Learning Seminar


Professor Chin will be teaching a graduate level Deep Learning seminar this fall!

Presenting at IEEE EMBC


We will be presenting a paper on Predicting Local Field Potentials with Recurrent Neural Networks*

LISP Summer 2016 Reading Group


We're holding a machine learning research paper reading group every Friday at 9 AM this summer in MCS room 163 in the Hariri Institute! Join us!


Peter Chin
Hi! I am a research professor in the Dept. of Computer Science & Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University, My primary appointment is with Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA., where I am a Chief Scientist - Decision Systems, and lead various research in the area of Data-to-Decision (D2D). I am also a research affiliate of Dept. of AeroAstro Engineering at MIT, from which Draper Lab started as Prof. Draper’s Laboratory 80 some years ago in 1943, and a visiting research fellow at London Institute of Mathematical Sciences. My life-time job, however, is to serve God and His purpose in my generation, and I attend Antioch Baptist Church located in Cambridge, MA.
Research interests:
Machine Learning, Differential Geometry, Game Theory, Compressive Sensing, Extremal Graph Theory
Craig Einstein
I am an incoming Computer Science PhD student at Boston University. I am very passionate about space and computer science and I hope to play a part in making space travel safer and more accessible. I am originally from London. I lived there for eleven years before moving to Dubai, where I spent my middle and high school years. After Dubai I moved to Boston, where I completed my undergraduate career at Boston University. I currently live in Boston.
Research interests:
My research interests include machine learning, computer vision, networking, operating systems, and graphics. I am curious about a great many things in computer science and I hope to be able to work on many interesting problems.
I am an avid powerlifter and I thoroughly enjoy all the mental and physical challenges it presents. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to go to space.
Gautam Bhat
I am a master's student in the Computer Science department at Boston University. My interest in machine learning is focused primarily on its vast array of applications, such as in the fields of computer vision, game playing, and social networks.
Research interests:
Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Virtual Reality
Academics aside, I'm a guitarist and soccer lover. Also, I spend a majority of my free time mulling over what's going to happen next on Game of Thrones.
Jacob Harer
I am currently a PhD student in the computer science department at Boston University and a Draper fellow. My research interests focus in machine learning, specifically artificial neural networks. I deal a lot with recurrent neural network approaches to both supervised and unsupervised problems. I earned my B.S in computer science and electrical engineering from Duke University, and my M.S. in computer engineering from N.C. State.
Research interests:
Artificial Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Unsupervised learning, Neuro Engineering
I like to rock climb and play drums.
Justin Chen

I received my Bachelor of Science from Boston University's Computer Science department in 2014. After I graduated, I collected the data for, designed, and created the website Parkour Theory to help those interested learn and referenece terminology, and share new moves. In 2015, I returned to Boston University because I missed the joy of arduous late night studying. I am now a second year master's student in computer science again at Boston University, and a researcher at Draper. The CS department can't seem to get rid of me.

Currently, I am researching neural network architectures for improving action recognition, natural language understanding for creating labeled datasets, and unsupervised learning for constrained automatic neural network model selection.

Research interests:
Action Recognition, Computational Neuroscience, Natural Language Understanding, Neuroevolution, Reinforcement Learning, Unsupervised Learning
Parkour/Freerunning, Martial Arts Tricking, Photography, Letting my brain bask daily in a vat of Youtube videos (Ted Talks, Parkour samplers, Conan O'Brien remotes, and cat videos)
Kathryn Heal

I am currently a third-year doctoral candidate at Harvard University (SEAS) in Applied Mathematics and a Draper Laboratory fellow. I work under the joint advisory of Dr. Vahid Tarokh (Harvard) and Dr. Peter Chin (Draper). I hold a BS in Applied Math from UCLA and should be receiving my MS from Harvard (also in Applied Math!) at the end of the Fall 2016 semester. My past research has been fairly diverse, ranging from signal processing using the Empirical Wavelet Transform (UCLA, with Dr. J. Gilles), to distributed resource allocation strategies (Harvard/Draper, with Drs. N. Li & R. Mangoubi). My current and future pursuits concern computational algebraic topology: in a nutshell, identifying/characterizing lower-dimensional algebraic structure within high-dimensional data sets. Please feel free to email me at kathrynheal[at]g.harvard.edu, or visit my website at http://scholar.harvard.edu/heal.

Research interests:
Computational Algebraic Topology, Signal & Image Processing, Machine Learning
Ken Zhou
I am a first year master's student in Department of Computer Science at Boston University and a Draper Laboratory Fellow under the supervision of Prof. Peter Chin. I received my B.S. in chemical engineering with a minor in Chemistry from MIT. I have 4-5 years of experience working in a Biotech startup firm and have done research on operations and technology evaluation.
Language of Fluency: Matlab, Python, Java
Research interests:
Interested in neural networks (CNN, RNN) to solve label prediction problems. My current projects include extraction of kinematic features to predict the trajectory of moving vehicles.
Nicole Provenza
I am a 2nd year master’s student in biomedical engineering at Brown University. I graduated from Brown in May 2015 in biomedical engineering. My focus is on neuroengineering, specifically signal processing and feature identification & classification for closed loop implantable devices. I’m a Draper fellow on TRANSFORM DBS, which aims to develop a closed loop deep brain stimulation implant for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. My past work has been on identifying the neural features of Parkinson’s disease in the motor cortex.
Research interests:
Closed Loop Implantable Devices, Deep Brain Stimulation, Neuropsychiatric Illness, Parkinson’s Disease
I was a 4 year varsity athlete on Brown’s swim team, I am scuba certified, and I love Grey’s Anatomy.
Ravi Kailasam Rajendran
I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering majoring in Electronics and Communication from Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai. Currently, I am working on my thesis, which is mainly based on the study of topological and statistical analysis of the behavior classifiers for tracking algorithms focusing on the improvisation by integrating the multiple hypothesis tracking with target behaviors.
Research interests:
My research areas include computer vision and machine learning focusing on object recognition and target tracking. I also like creating AI models for the strategic games and graphical models for image processing.
My favorite author is Sidney Sheldon and my hobbies are listening to string instruments and watching TV-serials and I like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory.
Rex Wang
I earned my B.S in Mathematics from Southeast University in Nanjing. Currently, I am a master student in the computer science department at Boston University. My research interests focus on machine learning, graphical models and statistical learning. Recently, I'm working on unsupervised social network analysis problems and outlier detection in large scale data. I also love open source technologies (such as R lang) and would like to be one of the selfless geeks in open source societies.
Research interests:
Grid computing techniques in linear algebra and optimization, network science and combinatorial optimazations, support vector machines, unsupervied learning with neural networks, unsupervised and supervised outlier detection, social network analysis
I like traveling and hope to travel all over the world. I also enjoy hiking (mountains, canyons, caves, costlines and deserts), photography, museums, Chinese and Japanese animes, instrumental music.
Xiao (Kieran) Wang
I am a PhD student in System Engineering.
Research interests:
My research interests are in the areas of machine learning, control theory and operations research.
Xiao Zhou
I'm a PhD student in the LISP research group in CS department at Boston University. I'm supervised by professor Peter Chin. I received my B.A. in mathematics and computer science from Boston University in May 2016. Currently, I'm working on programming language processing.
Research interests:
My research interests lie in machine learning, computer vision, game theory, robotics.
Make model
Yiteng (Ivan) Xu
Hi, my name is Yiteng (Ivan) Xu. I'm a second year master's student. I am interested in Boltzmann Machines and Deep Belief Networks.
Research interests:
Contagion in Networks, Graph Isomorphism, Unsupervised Learning
My hobby is everything about airplanes.
Zhi Dou
I am a second year master's student in Computer Science. I am interested in machine learning and computer vision.
Research interests:
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Mining
My hobbies include swimming, basketball and programming! Although, I am not good at any one of them.




If you're a master's or PhD student join us! You can find us in room MCS 289 or join us in the Hariri Institute for our machine learning summer reading group.

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