Tianyang Zhong

Class of 2017
Major:Computer Sucience

Self Introduction:

Hi, I' tianyang. I discover my interest in computer since I was 10. I chose computer science major when I get into Boston University. I always feel excited to building new things with computer.

As a programmer, I do practice coding a lot. Boston University's computer science courses really focused on training and project. I appreciate this because after finishing all those tasks, I feel very comfortable when I am solving different problems. To me, what programming language I use, is not that important. The ability to solve problems with your code is important. That is why I am always willing to try new programing languages and become a fast learner.

I have experience in doing projects with Java, PHP, Python. Also, I have done class projects using C and Golang. The details of those projects could be found on my resume. If you need a Java programmer, I believe I can dig into the project and start faster than other undergraduate students.

Last but not least, I am a team player. A lot of the course works that I have done are team projects. I collaborate with students from different majors every term. Napmaps project is a great example. CS 411(software engineering) is a course available for all students at Boston University. As a result, I worked with two business school students from and one math-major student. They don't have much experience in coding, so I implemented the project. I had a good time because they did the document and recorded a video of our demo for us. In the end, we all had a good time and earned us an A in that course. This happens in every course with team project. I worked with other programmers, business school students all the time. I am proud to be a team player.

So, I'm a fast learner and willing to cooperate with different teammates. If you need me to start working with Java, I could inspect and start developing quickly.

This is a link to my Github