Tim Lupien

Tim Lupien
Finance and Information Systems

Short Bio

I grew up in the suburbs of Rochester, NY. From an early age I was interested in space exploration. Ultimately I decided against a career in aerospace engineering (where I could design spaceships) or some kind of science where they let you be an astronaut because I realized that many equally or more qualified people were already going to do that. Instead I dedicated my life to solving a different challenge: financing the next age of space exploration. We have the technology to do amazing things, but nobody wants to pay for it. In the near term, this means I need to learn as much about finance as possible in my academics and by entering the industry. That's why I'm studying finance and information systems at Boston University's Questrom school of business, and why I've probably applied for a job with your company (and if I haven't send me an email, we'll talk). In the long term, hopefully I'll reach a point of expertise and reputation where I can make a meaningful difference in this area.

Activities and Interests

Video Games



While I am certainly a productive person, everyone needs to relax sometimes. My go-to activity after a long day is playing video games. My favorite game is World of Warcraft Classic (hence the picture) but I also play other games including Minecraft, Warlight (an online version of Risk), Call of Duty, and more.

When I'm on the train, waiting in line, or getting ready for bed, I frequently browse and even create memes. I do not maintain tradtitional social media accounts, so all of my meme consumption and production takes place on reddit. I am a member of the r/dankmemes community along with several other meme subreddits where I frequently browse and post. My reddit profile will remain anonymous.

I might not have a lot of money right now, but what I do have I like to play around with. I speculate (responsibly) on crypto-currencies and invest in developing industries that I think could have a high return. Hopefully this will make money and also hone my intuition about these things. I really just do this on my own, but here's a link to The BU Finance and Investment Club to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.