Tristan's Personal Page

Tristan Harley Lawrence Tew
Class of 2022
Business Administration and Psychology

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Burnsville Minnesota for 19 years before I came to Boston University in the fall of 2018. Throughout my early years and high school, I was involved with the arts and athletics to complement my academics. I ran track and cross country for 5 years and have played trumpet for 11 years. At BU, I study Business Administration with concentrations in MIS and Law. I am also pursuing a BA in Psychology through the dual degree program. I am also currently Treasurer of the Boston University Running Club and Scholarship Chair for the Sigma Chi Upsilon Colony.

Activities and Interests

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I enjoy cooking with my buddies, but that was not always the case. I found an interest in cooking when I had to make everything for myself last summer since I was living alone and working in Boston for the first time. Over the last year or so, I have found cooking to be relaxing and rewarding. My favorite dishes are beef stew, spaghetti squash, and anything that you can put on a grill. Pictured on the left is what spaghetti squash looks like before you put it in the grill for 30-40 minutes. You can look at some of the recipes that I enjoy by checking out Food Network
I enjoy volunteer work and engaging with the community. Over the years, I have been involved in a slew of different activities working in several different food justice initiatives. Most recently, I spent a year volunteering with Boston University's Student Food Rescue Program before taking over as one of the program managers this year. The SFR program gives student volunteers opportunities to hop in the Community Service Center's vans and distribute donations from across Boston to our roster of community partners. Pictured on the left is one of our largest donations of the year. We loaded up approximately 1,400 pounds of food that day and filled a Ford Escape van top to bottom with vegetables, canned goods, and other foods. You can look at some of the things that we do on the SFR Website
I enjoy running with my buddies. I have been running since 8th grade and have enjoyed every second of it. Between the state races, club races, and road races, the people I've met have always been the best part. Currently, I am also treasurer for the Running Club because I believe that I am not only capable of handling the books, but because I value the BURC community as a sort of second family while I am on BU campus. You can look at our roster, activities, and more on the BU Running Club website