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My Name is Tianyi Zhao, MS student of student in the Department of Computer Science at Boston University.


Hw 1:

Original Image:

Gray-Scale Image:

Use Average value of original image at 3 channels as pixel value of gray-scale image.

Blur Image of Gray-Scale Image:

Average of 8 neighbor value a pixel and value of the pixel itself which is choosen from row2...rown-1 and col2...colm-1 of gray-scale image. n indicate total row number of gray-scale image, m indicate total column number of gray-scale image. Repeat this operation 10 times.

White Hair Image of Gray-Scale Image:

Make hair of person of gray-scale image become white. Determine the approximate aread of hair region. Set a threshold of gray-scale image, determine whether to change pixel value. When change the pixel value, new value = 255 - threshold + original value), which can reserve color information.