PhD Student
Computer Science Department
Boston University
ukaynar {at} cs {dot} bu {dot} edu
Curriculum Vitae (Dec, 2016)

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Boston University. I'm a member of the Systems Research Group working with Prof. Orran Krieger as my advisor. I am also associated with Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC).

My research interests lie broadly in the fields of cloud computing, distributed systems and data-intensive computing. My current research focuses on i) improving storage efficiency in a data center by designing caching architectures, ii) improving the performance of Big Data analytics when running both bare-metal and virtualized clusters. In addition, I also have interests in scheduling, resource allocation, characterization of cloud workloads and performance diagnosis in cloud platforms by using cloud monitoring techniques.

Before joining Boston University, I received my MSc from State University of New York at Binghamton, Department of Computer Science advised by Prof. Ping Yang and my BSc from Bogazici University, Department of Information Systems Engineering.


  • Big Data Caching for Datacenters, Massachusetts Open Cloud
    I have been working in the design and implementation of two level storage caching architecture in order to improve the performance of big data frameworks in data centers. The caching architecture was implemented by modifying the original Ceph RADOS Gateway code and high performance NVMe-SSDs were used to support the caching mechanism. (Project Page)

  • Bare-Metal Imaging, Massachusetts Open Cloud
    Designed and implemented The Bare Metal Imaging (BMI) service which provisions and deprovision baremetal nodes so that boundaries between clusters could be changed dynamically. (Project Page)

  • Massachusetts Open Cloud Monitoring Platform
    Massachusetts Open Cloud(MOC) is deploying the monitoring infrastructure that collects a number of different metrics from several layers of the cloud. In this project, with the help of the monitoring infrastructure of MOC, we plan to develop solutions for the resource allocation and job scheduling problem of big data processing environments. We are planing to provide users with different models to optimize and customize their allocation to fit the importance and requirements of their jobs. (Project Page)

  • Performance, Cost and Energy Optimization of Bigdata processing environments in datacenters
    In this project, we analyze and compare the performance of bigdata processing environments such as Hadoop and Spark with different configurations running on physical and virtual machines. We plan to develop a model for users which balances the performance, cost and energy usage of such systems.


  • An Experiment on Bare-Metal BigData Provisioning Ata Turk, Ravi S. Gudimetla, Emine Ugur Kaynar, Jason Hennessey, Sahil Tikale, Peter Desnoyers, Orran Krieger. USENIX HotCloud 2016

  • HIL: Designing an Exokernel for the Data Center Jason Hennessey, Sahil Tikale, Ata Turk, Emine Ugur Kaynar, Chris Hill, Peter Desnoyers, Orran Krieger. SoCC 2016

  • Poster : Big Data Caching for Datacenters New England Networking and Systems Day 2016

  • Performance Analysis of Encryption in Securing the Live Migration of Virtual Machines. Yaohui Hu, Sanket Panhale, TIanlin Li, Emine Ugur Kaynar, Danny Chan, Umesh Deshpande, Ping Yang, Kartik Gopalan. In IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2015

  • Poster : Automated Deployment of Big Data Processing Environment.Emine Ugur Kaynar, Ata Turk, Minying Lu, Yue Zhang, Orran Krieger. New England Networking and Systems Day, October 2015

  • "Impacts of Encryption on the Performance of Virtual Machine Migration" MSc thesis, 2013


  • Boston University Department of Computer Science Sep. 2013 - present
    • CS 591/ EC500 Cloud Computing, Spring 2016
    • CS 108 Introduction to Application Programming, Fall 2014, Spring & Fall 2015
    • CS 111 Introduction to Computer Science, Summer 2015

  • SUNY at Binghamton Department of Computer Science Sep. 2011 - May 2013
    • CS458/CS558: Introduction to Computer Security , Spring 2013
    • CS 571: Programming Languages , Fall 2012