NAME: Alice Tran

CLASS: 2021

MAJOR: Finance and Information System


I grew up in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in a family of 5 people: My dad, mom, two younger brothers and me. I am currently a Questrom undergraduate studying Finance and Information System.




I enjoy traveling quite a lot and I tried to travel with my whole friend group once a year every summer. I love to experience different cultures and observe the people of the countries that I visited
The most memorable place that I have traveled to is Japan (which I already traveled 3 times already and I still want to go back). The atmostphere is very peaceful, Japanese people is very organized and polite and the food in Japan is amazing. I got to enjoy from Kobe and Wagyu beef to convenience store food and all the them amazed me!
My goal in the future is to work hard and earn a lot of money to travel all around the world and enjoy all the scenery and food these countries have to offer.

Japan Airlines


BE@RBRICKS are designed and produced by Japan’s Medicom Toy, a company that is best known for its plastic figurines. The company was founded in 1996 to make limited edition figures and licensed products. It has long created plastic figurines of popular culture.
I love collecting these Be@rs because of their variability. My favorite line of Bearbrick is the Series in which every year they realease 2 times a year and these bears are containted in blind boxes. The feeling of opening these blind boxes without knowing what is inside is very interesting. Be@rbrick also holds a great value in the future as it is considered top-line collectibles art-toys.

Medicom Toy


Bubble tea originated from Taiwan and has become everyone's favorite around the world. The reason why I enjoy this type of drink is because of their variability: tea, milktea, fruit tea, etc. Their flavor is also very interesting as well from natural flavor like orange, mango to floral like rose, jasmine. My most favorite part about bubble tea is bubble (or boba) which is a round-shaped tapioca ball that has a chewy texture and sweet flavor of either honey or brown sugar.
I believe that bubble tea is not just a drink is a way of connecting people from generations to gender. Anyone and everyone can enjoy their bubble tea in whatever way they want and show their personality and preference through the type of drink they have. From a local small shop with the name of Chun Shui Tang in Taichung, Taiwan, the bubble tea drink expanded gloabally and is expected to reach even more in the future!

Chun Shui Tang