Vincent Pennetti

Vincent Pennetti
Class of 2020
Human Physiology

Short Bio

I grew up on Long Island, New York with ambitions to become a doctor one day. With that in mind, I decided to pursue Human Physiology at Boston University. In my time studying human physiology, I have found that I am very interested in several different disciplines. Most notably within computer science. With my available free time at BU I have elected to take a few classes in computer science and look forward to making more use of my new skills in the future.

Activities and Interests

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I breed plants. Peppers, clovers, cotton, you name it. This has been a lifelong hobby of mine ever since I was a little kid. I thoroughly enjoy plant breeding and seeing what is possible when combining a variety of traits from different plants into one plant.

Facebook Post

I am a fully equipped jeweler. Since high school, I have been working on increasing my capacity as a jeweler. As my setup and ability currently stands, I am fully equipped back at home. My tools are unfortunately not the most portable, and so I am unable to express my ability here at BU.

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I am a resident assistant. When I entered BU, my first job was as a work study student in residence life. Since then, I have continued to pursue a position within residence life in the form of a resident assistant. While demanding at times, this position is a lot of fun and I enjoy being a part of BU residence life.

BU Residence Life

I like to see things close up. This is partially satisfied by my jeweler competency as much of that work is done with a microscope or magnifying visor. However, when that isn't enough I enjoy going out and taking macro photographs of anything I can find. I post some of these photos online, but most are kept to myself.