Peter Ward

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Peter Ward

Class of 2020

Finance and Management Information Systems

Short Bio

I grew up in New Milford, CT. It is the largest town in Connecticut based on land mass and not by population. It is famous for being the set for which Mr. Deeds was filmed on. I also have a lot of family on Long Island so I spent many weekends and summers their aswell.

At Boston University I study Business Adminisration with a dual concentration in finance and management information systems.

Activities and Interests

I play trombone in the Boston University Pep Band. We preform at BU athletic events and fundraisers. Links:
I work as a Student Manager in the Dean of Students office. I have been working in the Deans Office since my freshman year of college. Links:
I bleed scarlet and white. During my free time my favorite thing to do is watch the BU Men's Ice Hockey team. Links: