Post-Proceedings of 2015 ACM Workshop on ML


Presented a demo of EyeVM, our fork of the Java Virtual machine for measuring Java program's resource usage for cyber security and our Fuzzer
DARPA Space and Time Analysis for Cybersecurity P.I. Meeting

An overview of security concerns that come from applications' worst-case behavior and unexpected side-channels.
Northeastern-WPI Seminar on Security

A short presentation on how refining types to be linear can help you catch memory leaks in programs and use memory more precisely.
Boston Haskell Meetup



EyeVM is a fork of the HotSpot JVM to support dynamic resource analysis of Java programs for cybersecurity.


The goal of the Overture project is to produce a language for embedded real-time systems that offers programmers dependent clocks to compose communicating tasks.


  • External Reviewer: 2017 ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy


I have served as a T.A. for the following courses

  • CS211: iOS Application Development
  • CS111: Introduction to Computer Science