Email: wenxinf [at]
Address: 111 Cummington Mall
Computer Science Department, MCS 138
Boston, MA 02215


I am a fifth year doctoral student in the Image and Video Computing group at Boston University. I am advised by Professor Margrit Betke. My research interest lies in human-computer interaction and mainly focuses on human-computer interface design and assistive technology. Currently, I am conducting research related to camera-based human-computer interface, which aims to help people with severe disabilities to access the computer.

Before entering the PhD program, I graduated from Renmin University of China and earned my B.E. degree in Information Systems in 2012. I was involved in eye-tracking and Fitts' Law research conducted by Professor Xinyong Zhang from 2010 until graduation. From Sep 2011 to Feb 2013, I participated in long-distance children-parents communication research as an intern of Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science, advised by Professor Feng Tian.