3D Ant Simulator

This project consists of two parts. First, based on ant anatomy, I created an ant model with jointed-legs and other moving parts using 3D primitives and hierarchical transformations. Mouse and keyboard interfaces are provided to control the angles of joints and the other moving parts.
For the second part, I modeled several creatures with moving parts, for exmaple, ants and bird, moving around in a 3D vivarium. I implemented collision detection, and simulated prey/predator relationship and group behavior like flocking.

Advisor: Prof. Stan Sclaroff

Collage - Autunm in Beijing

This collage work reflects various facets of historic Beijing in fall. You can find symbolic architectures such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Temples of Heaven in this work. Cultural elements like Beijing Opera, Hutong and calligraphy are also included. Colorful ginkgo and sumac leaves are everywhere to strengthen the sense of autumn.
Warm colors are the fundamental of this collage. Golden roofs, red walls and colorful autumn leaves complement each other. Materials with cool colors, where blended with warm color pieces like ginkgo leaves to keep the consistency. Each pieces shared at least one element to avoid discord, for example, the same side wall shared by the Hutong and the Great Wall. Materials used in this collage are from free online sources and my photos.

Shaded Renderer

In this project, I implemented a shaded renderer without using OpenGL library. The renderer provides three polygon rendering methods (flat, gouraud and phong) and four illumination conditions. Using depth-buffer and triangle meshes, seven 3D shapes including superellipsoid and supertoroid were generated. Mouse and keyboard interfaces were provided for users.

Advisor: Prof. Stan Sclaroff

Driver Fatigue Detection System

Driver fatigue is one of the major causes of car accidents, since the driver cannot make quick and accurate decisions when they are tired or sleepy. Thus, this project aims to build a fatigue detection system, which can detect driver's fatigue feature in real-time.
We identified two features of a fatigued driver: rapidly blinking eyes and yawning mouth. With video input from real-time web-camera, the system can detect eye blinking and calculate its frequency as well as yawning behavior. We set a threshold to trigger warning message. Our accuracy rate of eye blinking, eye closing and yawning detection is nearly 90%.

Advisor: Prof. Margrit Betke
Collaborators: Yue Zhu, Zhongchen Shen

Jigsaw's Secret

Jigsaw’s Secret is a mobile application to enhance communication between the left-behind children and their parents. Based on our research, communication between left-behind children and their parents is limited, with only basic information like health and study. In addition, increased collabration can help to develop more intimate relationships
Therefore, we designed a Windows Phone application, a jigsaw game, which requires participation of both parents and children. It encourages children and parent to generate jigsaws with their recent photos. The bilateral rewarding feature provides an incentive to both sides.

Advisor: Prof. Feng Tian
Collaborator: Lu Pan