wyf pic Yuefeng Wang

PhD Candidate [resume]
Department of Computer Science
Boston University
111 Cummington Mall Rm 138
Boston, MA 02215 USA

Prof. Ibrahim Matta


I am a sixth year PhD student with Prof. Matta, and working on the RINA project. RINA is a new network architecture that is based on the fundamental principle that networking is inter-process communication (IPC). It recurses the IPC service over different scopes. I am the lead student in prototyping RINA since 2010. ProtoRINA, Boston University's prototype of the RINA architecture is now released.

My research interests include future network architecture, network management, and software-defined networks (SDN).


  As a Lecturer

Summer II 2015: Introduction to Computer Science II (CS112)

  As a Teaching Fellow

Fall 2014, Fall 2015: Introduction to Computer Networks (CS455/CS655)

Selected Publications


  Technical Reports


Bachelor of Engineering (in Computer Science)            Shandong University      Shandong, China      June, 2008
Master of Science (in Computer Science)                      University of Windsor    Ontario, Canada       June, 2010