Xiangrui Fu

Xiangrui Fu (Richard)

class of 2020

Boston University Academy (no major)

Short Bio

Born in Shenzhen, China, I spent most of my childhood in China and Malaysia. I came to the US to attend high school at Boston University Academy. I’m currently a high school senior. The great thing about BUA is that I can take university courses, so here I am.

Activities and Interests

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I build custom water-cooled computers. In short, these computers use liquid to cool its components rather than just air, much like your car. This provides superior cooling at a much lower noise level. And yes, they’ve leaked before. r/watercooling
I’ve been a traditional artist for more than nine years now. I started with graphite and slowly moved into charcoal and later colored pencils. I’ll let the work speak for itself. portfolio
Four years ago, I started experimenting with graphic design and other digital media. Now, I work as a freelance brand identity designer during breaks, and I’ve worked for clients such as Bitwit. Instagram

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