My name is Ying Ye(叶颖), a third year PhD student at Computer Science department in Boston University. I got my Bachelor's Degree in Tongji University back in China. My advisor is Professor Richard West. Currently, I'm interested in performance isolation on multi-core and resource management optimization under virtualized environment. My resume can be found here


I developed a memory management framework in Linux, trying to provide isolation among co-running applications accessing the shared cache via page coloring. The main problem addressed in this work is the dynamic page recoloring mechanism, e.g. when and how recoloring is performed, both efficiently and effectively.

I wrote an ActiveX password edit control, with enhanced anti-spying features. It's available here (doc).


I'm a good climber. I spend a lot of free time on climbing at BKB (or MetroRock, occasionally Rumney). Anyone who wants to join me is welcome!